Returns the fee the network will charge for a given message.


Please note that this method is only available in solana-core v1.9 or newer. Please use getFees for solana-core v1.8


  • message: The transaction message encoded as base64.
  • object: The configuration object with the following fields:
    • commitment: The level of commitment required for the query. The options include:
      • finalized: The node will query the most recent block confirmed by the supermajority of the cluster as having reached maximum lockout, meaning the cluster has recognized this block as finalized.
      • confirmed: The node will query the most recent block that has been voted on by the supermajority of the cluster.
      • processed: The node will query its most recent block. Note that the block may not be complete.
    • maxSupportedTransactionVersion: The maximum supported transaction version to return in responses. If the requested block contains a transaction with a higher version, an error will be returned. If this parameter is omitted, only legacy transactions will be returned, and a block containing any versioned transaction will prompt an error.


  • result: Null if the transaction message is not found; otherwise, an RpcResponse JSON object with the following fields:
    • context: The information about the current state of the program.
    • apiVersion: The version of the Solana RPC API to use.
    • slot: An integer representing the slot for which to retrieve the fee calculator.
    • value: (u64 | null) The fee corresponding to the message at the specified blockhash.
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