Overview of some of our offerings and features of Unified API.

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๐ŸŽฏ APIs for Web3 Use Cases

Uniblock's API offering is built to optimize your code and make life as a developer way easier. You can get a better overview of our features on our Overviewpage for Unified API.


Instantly retrieve, verify, and display any NFT details across all prominent blockchains.

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Token API

Seamlessly gather data about specific tokens, including metadata and wallet balances.

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Transfers API

Fetch transaction history for any given address with a single call.

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๐Ÿ”ง Features

Unified API's suite of features, designed to streamline configuration, prioritize data sources, safeguard your operations, and offer insightful analytics.

Priority List

Arrange and manage the priority list for a streamlined and efficient API call structure.

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Unified Backup

Integrated backup solutions to ensure your data and API configurations remain safe and accessible.

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Gain insights into your API usage patterns, track performance, and optimize for better outcomes.

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โ›“๏ธJSON RPC Chains

Unified API also has support for JSON-RPC chains designed to provide fast, quick, and cost-effective access to all types of JSON-RPC blockchain data.

Blockchain Platforms
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