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Uniblock provides a gateway to the world of Web3 technologies. We have developed a unified Web3 API that streamlines the interaction with multiple protocols and blockchain networks. This simplification allows both seasoned and novice developers to integrate decentralized applications (dApps) and blockchain data with ease.

We have created a single structure for endpoints. Regardless of what and where your blockchain data comes from no additional boilerplate code or data parsing is required.

We cover a wide range of API endpoints including,

  • Blockchain Data - Tokens, NFTs, Historical Data, Transfers, Collections, Metadata, etc.
  • Market Data - Market Cap, Volume, History, Charting Data, Trending, Price, etc.
  • Scans Data - Transactions, Transfers. Price, etc.
  • JSON/RPC Data - Gas, Block, Transaction, Global, etc.

Additionally, we provide a Launcher to simplify smart contract deployments. It breaks down smart contracts between Uniblock and other providers, offering a seamless user experience. Start creating your first smart contracts with Uniblock!

📝 Quick Start

Throughout our Guides, you'll see through the process of getting used to the diverse toolset that Uniblock has to offer. You'll learn about our Unified API, Unified Contracts and more. Start by creating an account and getting setup on our Dashboard and try out our tools on side navbar.

Once you feel like you're ready to get started with Uniblock, it's time to jump into setting up a Uniblock project. In this guide, you will find how to create your project. If you're ready head over to Uniblock Quickstart Guide!

A Uniblock's Project's Dashboard

A Uniblock's Project's Dashboard

🛣️ Auto Routing

One of the key features of our API is our Auto Routing product. It has features that automatically routes your API calls to the most suitable providers based on various criteria, ensuring reliability, cost-efficiency, and ease of testing. Learn more about our Auto Routing features here.

🌐 Unified API

Understand how to interact with various blockchain networks and services through our interface. Our endpoints include a variety of functionalities related to tokens, transactions, market data, json-rpc and more across multiple blockchains. Jump to our Unified API Overview section for the details on our current endpoints and RPC providers.

Uniblock Dashboard Endpoints with Token, NFT, MarketData categories.

Uniblock Dashboard Endpoints with Token, NFT, MarketData categories and endpoints.

📲 Our Providers

Our providers aim to offer developers a point of access to a variety of popular and well-known blockchain-related services. By standardizing the way you interact with these services, Unifed API can speed up the deployment of your project. You can see all of our providers by going to your project dashboard under integrations.

Dashboard Providers with Alchemy, Moralis, and more.

Dashboard Providers with Alchemy, Moralis, and more.

🚀Unified Contracts

Our no-code Launcher of Unified Contracts helps to deploy, manage, and interact with a variety of smart contracts. We include token, NFT and other smart contracts for your developers to add extra functionality. To experiment with creating comprehensive smart contracts check out our Launcher Overview section!

Uniblock's Dashboard's Create Smart Contracts' Page

Dashboard Unified Launcher with Openzeppelin Contracts and more...

💬 Need More Support?

Looking for additional support or want to request a feature? Head to our contact us page

What’s Next

Just want to explore blockchain products? Go to our Use Cases Overview! section for Uniblock next!