Unified Contracts

Manage all of your deployed contracts in one place.

Your Project's Contracts

In Unified Contract, it lists all your deployed smart contracts. This section serves as an overview of all your active contracts associated with your project. Here you can find information about your smart contracts such as Contract Type, Network, Source, and Contract Address. Clicking on a contract will navigate you to Etherscan explorer to further access detailed information about the smart contract.

Unified Contracts

Unified Contract offer a collection of most used smart contracts out there. Description and detailed documentations are provided to help you find the smart contract for you. You can also narrow down to just a kind of smart contract using the label like Token.

Available Contracts

  • Openzeppelin - Simple ERC20 Token
  • Openzeppelin - Mintable ERC20 Token
  • Openzeppelin - Burnable ERC20 Token
  • Openzeppelin - Capped ERC20 Token
  • Openzeppelin - Voting Token
  • Openzeppelin -Token ERC1155
  • Oiler.network - Staking Token
  • Cookbook - Token Sale
  • Aave - Flash loan Attacker
  • Chiru-Labs - ERC721A NFT Sale Basic
  • Chiru-Labs - ERC721A NFT Sale
  • Tether - Tether USD

Deploy A New Contract

Before deploying, documentations and source code are provided for you to dig into the contract template details. You can easily navigate among imported files with a direcotry tree view, view the audit report (if applicable) and check creator's website

Get your wallet connected and with just a few inputs, you can deploy your smart contract with no-cdoe.

Contract deployed.

Supported Network

The Network field specifies the blockchain network where your smart contract has been deployed. The Launcher currently supports two test networks for deployment:

  • Goerli: This is a testnet, or a simulated version of the Ethereum network used for testing.
  • Sepolia: Another Ethereum testnet for development testing.

What’s Next

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