Routing Optimization

Routing your calls to the provider that offers the best cost-effectiveness.

Routing Optimization is a dynamic feature designed to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of your API calls. Uniblock tracks and monitors APIs routing for the best endpoints given different periods. Uniblock also weights different performance metrics and routes the data depending on the preferred optimization. By intelligently routing your initial call to the provider that offers the lowest cost while not compromising on data reliability, this feature ensures that you're getting the best possible value from your API interactions. It's especially beneficial in environments where cost management are critical, enabling you to leverage optimal and low-cost service conditions across different providers.

Key Benefits

  • Cost Efficiency: Automatically identifies and routes calls to the provider with the most cost-effective rates, helping you manage expenses without extensive research or manual comparison.
  • Reliability Assurance: Prioritizes providers known for their data accuracy and reliability, ensuring that cost savings do not come at the expense of quality.
  • Dynamic Optimization: Continuously evaluates provider performance and cost, adapting to changes to always offer the optimal routing for your calls.


Consider you have an application that relies on NFT data from multiple sources. With Routing Optimization, when your application needs to make a call for NFT information, it doesn't just randomly choose a provider. Instead, the system evaluates which provider currently offers the best mix of low cost and high reliability for NFT data. This decision is based on real-time analysis of the providers' performance metrics and pricing models. For instance, if Provider A offers the same quality of data as Provider B but at a 10% lower cost, the system will automatically route your call to Provider A. This ensures that your application is not only cost-effective but also maintains a high standard of data accuracy and reliability.