Address Activity

Updates of value and token transfers for the addresses that you track.

The Address Activity webhook tracks movement related to specific addresses. It triggers real-time notifications whenever an address sends or receives transactions, providing invaluable insights into token activity and portfolio changes.

Address Activity is a custom webhook type offering great flexibility.

Webhook Configuration Fields

Event NameA descriptive name to identify the webhook's purpose."ERC20 Transfer Notification for MyWallet"
Event DescriptionBrief explanation of the trigger and data included."This webhook sends notifications for ERC20 token transfers associated with MyWallet."
Webhook URLPublicly accessible URL for receiving notifications (must handle POST requests). (Test URL or your Prod URL)
Select ProviderBlockchain platform for notifications (e.g., Moralis, Tatum).Choose your desired platform.
NetworkBlockchain Network for notifications (e.g., Ethereum, Polygon).Choose your desired Network.
TemplateThe event trigger typeAddress Activity
AddressesA list of addresses to listen to for any real-time transfers. Minimum 1 address is required.0x029a49060f36F830915ec1FA98FAB532b4c75Aec (enter your address)
Transaction FiltersA list of transaction filters. Only the transfers that meet the transaction filter constraints will trigger a notification.sender, receiver, blockNumber, transactionHash
Filter TypeHow the webhook deals with the concurrent transaction filters when more than 1 transaction filters are defined.AND or OR

Transaction Filter Fields

senderAddress sending the tokens==, !=, in, not in, regexEnter specific address(es) or use patterns like "0x*" for all addresses starting with 0x
receiverAddress receiving the tokens==, !=, in, not in, regexEnter specific address(es) or use patterns
blockNumberBlock number where the transaction occurred==, >, <, >=, <=, !=Specify the exact block number or use operators for comparisons
transactionHashTransaction hash unique to the event==, !=Enter the specific transaction hash


  • Enter specific values, comma-separated lists for "in" and "not in" operators, or regular expressions for regex matching.


To receive notifications only when your wallet address (0x123abc...) receives tokens from a sender (0x987cdf...), add your wallet address to the addresses and set up the following filter:

  • sender == 0x987cdf...

This ensures you're only notified about transfers on your wallet with a specific sender (0x987cdf...).