Welcome to the Uniblock Dashboard! Follow these steps to ensure a smooth setup for your projects.

After you've created your account on our Dashboard you will be greeted with our onboard process and you can begin with your development journey like this:

1. Project Details

Begin by setting up your project. Fill in your project's name, description, and include what you might be using this project for.

2. Invite Users

Collaboration is key. Send invitations to team members or colleagues to join the dashboard and collaborate on the project. Define roles and set permissions as needed.

3. Integration Providers

Connect with trusted third-party providers to enhance your project's capabilities. Browse and select from our list of supported integrations ones that you might be interested in.

4. Test Unified APIs

Before full-scale deployment, test the Unified APIs. Ensure that they align with your requirements and function seamlessly within the dashboard.

5. Configure Your Project

Customize your project settings and adjust functionalities to best match your goals.

5.1. Configure and Add Providers

Dive deeper into provider configurations. Add, modify, or remove providers to optimize your project's performance and reliability.