Event Trigger Types

Different types of ways to configure event Triggers

Event Triggers enables users to subscribe to event notifications within their application. By creating a webhook, users can receive notifications for various types of on-chain activities.

The following outlines the types of webhooks available and the networks they support. Look to our examples in order to see how you can implement each type.


More details on the specific fields on the corresponding docs page for each Webhook.

Webhook TypeDescriptionNetwork
Address ActivityThe Address Activity webhook tracks all ETH, ERC20, ERC721, and ERC1155 transfers, enabling real-time state changes when an address sends or receives tokens or ETH.All
NFT CollectionThe NFT Collection webhook enables you to track ERC1155 token contracts, triggering real-time events when an NFT is transferred between addresses.All
NFT EventsThe NFT Events webhook enables you to track transfers of ERC721 NFTs, triggering real-time events when an NFT is sent or received from an address.All
Token EventsCreate a webhook to receive real-time notifications whenever an ERC20 token is transferred to or from a specified address. This allows you to track token balances and activity for specific tokens.All
Contract EventThis allows you to track custom events emitted by smart contracts you're interested in. Requires specifying the contract address and event name.Varies by platform

Easily access to and create the webhooks on Uniblock Dashboard with the following Create a Webhook Section on Uniblock Dashboard under the Webhooks tab.

Create a Webhook Section on Uniblock Dashboard.

Create a Webhook Section on Uniblock Dashboard.

Webhook Configuration Fields

Event NameA descriptive name to identify the webhook's purpose."ERC20 Transfer Notification for MyWallet"
Event DescriptionBrief explanation of the trigger and data included."This webhook sends notifications for ERC20 token transfers associated with MyWallet."
Webhook URLPublicly accessible URL for receiving notifications (must handle POST requests).https://461a-199-116-73-171.ngrok.io (Test URL or your Prod URL)
Select ProviderBlockchain platform for notifications (e.g., Moralis, Tatum).Choose your desired platform.
Contract AddressOptional address to filter notifications for a specific contract.0x029a49060f36F830915ec1FA98FAB532b4c75Aec (enter your address)
NetworkBlockchain Network for notifications (e.g., Ethereum, Polygon).Choose your desired Network.

Additional Notes:

  • Ensure your Webhook URL remains publicly accessible and can handle the expected data format and volume.
  • Consider implementing security measures to validate incoming webhook requests and protect your data.
Uniblock Dashboard Webhook Default Fields for Webhooks Example.

Uniblock Dashboard Webhook Default Fields for Webhooks Example.