Default Routing

Experiment with our APIs using test API keys

Default Routing offers a path to explore and integrate our APIs without the upfront commitment of selecting a plan or provider. This feature is designed to facilitate quick testing and development, allowing users to get a feel for the API's capabilities and how they can fit into various projects. It's an ideal starting point for developers looking to understand the potential and functionality of our services with minimal initial setup.

Key Benefits

  • Ease of Access: Instantly access our APIs without the need to navigate through the setup of plans or providers, making the initial exploration phase as simple as possible.
  • Risk-Free Testing: Experiment with the APIs in a sandbox environment, enabling you to test functionalities and integration capabilities without incurring costs or commitments.
  • Rapid Prototyping: Accelerate the development process by allowing developers to quickly prototype and iterate on their ideas, demonstrating the practical applications of our APIs in real-world scenarios.


To utilize Default Routing, use any method to access our endpoints. For instance you can use our Unified API Reference Overview to start exploring potential endpoints.

Or directly go to an endpoint like, /token/balance and start calling our API by clicking the big blue Try it! button.

You can also select your preferred programming language and directly integrate the endpoint into your application.

/token/balance API reference on

/token/balance API reference on