Retrieve all UTXOs (unspent transaction outputs) that reference a given address.


Gets the UTXOs that reference a given address.


        addresses: string,  
        limit: int, //optional  
        startIndex: { //optional  
            address: string,  
            utxo: string  
        sourceChain: string,  
        encoding: string, //optional  
) ->  
    numFetched: int,  
    utxos: \[]string,  
    endIndex: {  
        address: string,  
        utxo: string  
  • utxos is a list of UTXOs such that each UTXO references at least one address in addresses.
  • At most limit UTXOs are returned. If limit is omitted or greater than 1024, it is set to 1024.
  • This method supports pagination. endIndex denotes the last UTXO returned. To get the next set of UTXOs, use the value of endIndex as startIndex in the next call.
  • If startIndex is omitted, will fetch all UTXOs up to limit.
  • When using pagination (that is when startIndex is provided), UTXOs are not guaranteed to be unique across multiple calls. That is, a UTXO may appear in the result of the first call, and then again in the second call.
  • When using pagination, consistency is not guaranteed across multiple calls. That is, the UTXO set of the addresses may have changed between calls.
  • encoding sets the format for the returned UTXOs. Can only be hex when a value is provided.

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