Returns event (including transactions) by hash or short ID.


Invalid Example

Due to the nature of this endpoint, our request example is not testable. To test this endpoint please enter in valid parameters.


  • string: The full event ID (hex-encoded 32 bytes) or short event ID.
  • boolean: If true, it returns the full transaction objects; if false, only the hashes of the transactions.


  • An object representing an event, or null when no event was found. It contains the following fields:
    • version: The event version.
    • epoch: The event epoch number.
    • seq: The event sequence number.
    • hash: DATA, 32 full event ID.
    • frame: Event's frame number.
    • creator: The address of the event creator (validator).
    • prevEpochHash: The hash of the state of the previous epoch.
    • parents: Array of event IDs.
    • gasPowerLeft: Event's not spent gas power.
    • gasPowerUsed: Event's spent gas power.
    • lamport: Event's Lamport index.
    • creationTime: The UnixNano timestamp of the creator's local creation time.
    • medianTime: The UnixNano timestamp of the secure median time.
    • extraData: The "extra data" field of this event.
    • transactionsRoot: The root of the transaction trie of the event.
    • transactions: Array of transaction objects or 32 Bytes transaction hashes depending on the last given parameter.
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