Returns the estimated amount of gas for the transaction execution.


WIP, our providers are working to fix this endpoint.


  • object: Object. The transaction call object which contains the following fields:
    • from: String. The address from which the transaction is sent.
    • to: String. REQUIRED. The address to which the transaction is addressed.
    • gas: Integer. The gas provided for the transaction execution.
    • gasPrice: Integer. The gas price used for each paid gas encoded as hexadecimal.
    • value: Integer. The value sent with this transaction encoded as hexadecimal.
    • data: String. The hash of the method signature and encoded parameters.
    • blockNumber/tag: String. REQUIRED. The block number in hexadecimal format or the string latest, earliest, pending, safe, or finalized (safe and finalized tags are only supported on Ethereum, Gnosis, Arbitrum, Arbitrum Nova, and Avalanche C-chain), see the default block parameter description in the official Ethereum documentation.


  • quantity: The expected execution gas cost of a transaction. This does not include any information about the cost to publish the transaction data to Layer 1.
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