Returns the statuses of a list of signatures.


  • tx signatures: An array of transaction signatures to confirm encoded as base-58 strings.
  • object: An array with the following fields:
    • searchTransactionHistory (optional): A boolean indicating whether to include the entire transaction history (default: false). If true, the search includes the entire transaction history. If false, the search only includes recent transactions in the latest confirmed block.


  • result: An object with the following fields:
    • context: Information about the current state of the program.
    • apiVersion: The version of the Solana RPC API to use.
    • slot: An integer representing the slot for which to retrieve the fee calculator.
    • value: A JSON object with the following fields:
      • confirmationStatus: The transaction's cluster confirmation status, which can be processed, confirmed, or finalized.
      • confirmations: The number of confirmations a transaction has received. If the transaction is finalized (i.e., confirmed at the highest level of commitment), the value will be null.
      • err: Error code if the transaction failed or null if the transaction succeeds.
      • slot: The slot number in which the transaction was confirmed.
      • status: The processing status of the transaction, returning Ok if the transaction was successful and Err if the transaction failed with TransactionError.
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