Users using this SDK can interact with the marketplace contract they deployed on blockchain through Uniblock service. They can issue sales or auctions on the marketplace contract through this sdk.


The Uniblock marketplace contract allows users to launch a sale or auction publicly to sell the nfts they possess. It is quite common to see nft exchanges in the web3 world. However, by creating sales or auctions on a Uniblock marketplace contract, Uniblock brings users to a bigger market and helps users optimize their profits when selling their nft on sale or auctions. This package was created to simplify the usage of the marketplace contract. This means developers can call marketplace contract methods in the same way they call API endpoints from their backend, thus allowing their applications to obtain the functionality of the marketplace contract they deployed.

Get Started

 npm i @uniblock/launcher-marketplace

or with yarn,

yarn add @uniblock/launcher-marketplace