Manual Config

Manual Config is a feature that allows you to add your own API keys to the Uniblock system, enabling direct routing of your calls through the API keys you've already set up with your providers. This functionality is designed for users who have pre-existing relationships with service providers and wish to maintain these connections while taking advantage of Uniblock's streamlined API management capabilities. It offers a perfect blend of flexibility and control, allowing for a customized integration experience.

Key Benefits

  • Customization: Tailor your API integration to match your specific needs by utilizing your existing API keys, ensuring that your setup remains consistent with your operational requirements.
  • Control: Maintain complete control over your provider relationships and API usage, making adjustments as necessary to optimize performance and cost.
  • Simplicity: Simplify the management of your API keys by consolidating them within Uniblock, enabling easy tracking and updates directly from our platform.


Imagine you have an established relationship with a payment processing provider, with negotiated rates and terms that are beneficial for your business. By using Manual Config, you can input your own API key for this provider into Uniblock.

You can do so by selecting the option Configure Provider with Your Keys when adding providers on Uniblock dashboard through the integrations section. Check out our Providers section for more details on managing any keys with Uniblock.

Your API calls for payment processing are then routed through your key, ensuring that you continue to benefit from your negotiated terms while also enjoying the centralized API management features of Uniblock.

Configure Screen through Providers on Uniblock Dashboard

Configure Screen through Providers on Uniblock Dashboard