How to get your QuickNode Slugs

1. Sign up and complete onboarding

2. Navigate to the Endpoints Tab

  • Click the 'Create Endpoint' button to begin configuring your endpoint

3. Select the Chain which the endpoint will be created for

  • Note: For this guide, the endpoint will be configured on the Ethereum chain.

4. Select the Network for the endpoint

5. Install appropriate add-ons

  • The add-on selected below enables the endpoint to retrieve NFT and Token data via RPC.

  • After selecting, install the add-on.

6. Select a Plan for your QuickNode Endpoint

  • Click on 'Select Plan' button in bottom right corner of the page.
  • Select the plan to configure your endpoint.
  • Note: The Free tier only supports configuration for one endpoint.

7. Retrieve the slug by navigating to the newly created endpoint

  • Navigate to your newly created endpoint, and obtain the slug for your chain from the Get Started tab.