Archive a Contract

Learn more about Archiving your contract and also the settings of your contract dashboard.


The Settings section of your contract dashboard is a central place to manage and modify various configuration options of your contract. Currently, the Settings section comprises two key functionalities: Contract URI and Archive.

Contract URI

The Contract URI is a unique identifier for your contract. It specifies the location of the contract metadata which can be stored on a decentralized file system such as IPFS or a traditional web server. The metadata typically includes information such as the contract's name, description, and external links.

Note: Be cautious when updating the Contract URI as it may impact the ability of others to interact with your contract if they rely on the metadata at the existing URI.


The Archiving feature provides you with an option to archive a contract. Archiving is a final action and should be used carefully as it is irreversible. Once a contract is archived, it will not be visible or manageable in the Launcher interface. However, please note that archiving a contract on the Launcher does not remove or delete the contract from the blockchain; it merely hides it from your Launcher interface.

What’s Next

The Unified Launcher and Uniblock's base and extension contracts!