Users using this SDK can interact with the presale contract they deployed on blockchain through Uniblock's service. They can not only get some info from the presale contract, but also buy and withdraw tokens from the presale contract.


The Uniblock presale contract allows users to launch a crypto token sale. As an example, before the crypto token is made available to the general public, the sale can help the public know about the crypto token the users or companies are selling and attract people's interest to invest in their crypto token or any other products. This package is created to simplify the usage of the presale contract. This makes the task of dealing with blockchain contracts easier for the developers. This means developers can call any contract methods in the same way as they call apis from their backend, thus allowing their applications to obtain the functionality of presale contract they deployed.

Get Started

Add the SDK to the project to get started,

npm i @uniblock/launcher-presale

or with yarn,

yarn add @uniblock/launcher-presale