Token Extension

Extension Contracts add additional functionalities like presales for ERC20 tokens, the ability to send multiple tokens to multiple addresses at once (Multisend), the facilitation of airdrops of ERC20 tokens, and the setting up of a marketplace for NFTs. Staking is noted as a future addition.

ERC20 Presale

The ERC20 Presale contract is used when a project wants to sell a portion of its tokens before they are released to the general public. This is usually done to raise funds for further development and expansion of the project.

Example: A new DeFi project, "DeFi Coin", decides to sell 10% of their total tokens as a presale to early investors. They create an ERC20 Presale contract and specify the token price, total tokens for sale, and the sale period. The funds raised from this presale could be used to further develop their platform, marketing, or liquidity provision.


Multisend contracts are useful when a project needs to distribute tokens to multiple addresses simultaneously. This can be handy for situations such as token airdrops, rewards distribution, or returning funds to investors.

Example: A gaming platform has a monthly rewards program where they distribute their native gaming tokens to their top 1000 players. Instead of sending these tokens individually, they use a Multisend contract to distribute the rewards simultaneously to all the winners, thus saving time and reducing transaction costs.

ERC20 Airdrop Contract

ERC20 Airdrop Contracts are used when a project wants to distribute free tokens to a wide audience, usually for marketing purposes. The airdropped tokens can sometimes be a way to incentivize early adoption or reward loyal users.

Example: A blockchain project, "Blockchain X", decides to increase their user base by distributing free tokens. They create an ERC20 Airdrop contract and specify the recipients (either publicly to anyone who claims or to a specific list of addresses), the amount per recipient, and the total tokens to be airdropped.

Marketplace: List Sale or Auction for NFTs

NFT Marketplaces are platforms where users can buy, sell, or trade Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs). They can be used by artists, creators, and collectors to monetize unique digital content such as artwork, music, or virtual real estate.

Example: An artist creates a digital artwork as an NFT and wants to sell it. They can list their NFT on an NFT Marketplace contract with a fixed price or as an auction where the highest bidder wins. Buyers can browse the marketplace, and if they decide to purchase or win the auction, they can do so directly through the marketplace contract.