Launcher Packages

Uniblock's Launcher Packages are designed to allow developers to seamlessly integrate Uniblock's contract deployment and management functionalities into their own applications. Each package focuses on a particular type of contract or functionality.


This package provides all the necessary APIs and interfaces to set up and manage a marketplace for trading tokens, especially NFTs. The package allows developers to easily integrate marketplace functionality into their application, allowing users to list, buy, sell, and trade tokens.

The package provides support for both auction and fixed price listings and includes features such as filtering and sorting, which enable users to easily find the tokens they're interested in.


The @uniblock/launcher-presale package enables developers to conduct a pre-sale for their ERC20 tokens. This is especially useful for projects that want to raise funds before the tokens are publicly available.

The package provides features such as whitelisting addresses, setting a hard cap, determining the token price, and establishing a start and end date for the presale.


The @uniblock/launcher-multisend package provides developers with the ability to send multiple tokens to multiple addresses simultaneously. This can be useful for a variety of use cases, such as distributing rewards or dividends to multiple holders at once.

The package allows developers to specify the addresses and the amount of tokens to be sent to each address, and also supports both ERC20 and ERC721 tokens.


The @uniblock/launcher-airdrop package enables developers to distribute ERC20 tokens to a large number of addresses, often for promotional purposes or as a reward to loyal customers.

The package supports both public and private airdrops. Public airdrops allow anyone to participate, while private airdrops restrict participation to a whitelist of addresses. The package also provides functionality to set up a claimable airdrop, where users must manually claim their tokens.