Your Dashboard

Welcome to your dashboard!πŸŽ‰ This is where you’ll create new projects, make edits, and update any and all things related to your Uniblock project(s).

To visit your Uniblock dashboard, head to Login πŸ”‘ with your Uniblock account credentials, and if you don’t have an account yet, you can also sign up for an account here.

Projects πŸ“‚

Upon logging in, the user will be greeted by the projects page. This page serves as the primary navigation point for all your undertakings. It allows for the creation of a new projectπŸ“ or provides the option to continue with an ongoing project.


The profile section, accessible via your user icon, offers various customization options. These include the ability to personalize your user icon and banner, catering to your personal taste and aesthetic. Additionally, this section also hosts settings for adjusting your email πŸ“§ and sign-in options. You can choose to sign in via Google or Github and have the option to reset your Uniblock email password πŸ”’.

API Keys πŸ”‘

Access to the API keys is via the project's overview page, which can be navigated to from your project. This page contains a section for API keys, where various actions can be performed. Options include creating new API keys, copying existing keys πŸ“‹, and deleting unnecessary keys. These keys are integral for accessing and using Uniblock's wide array of products.

Unified API

Head to our Unified API Introductions page. To get started with using our API. Learn more about variety of functionalities related to tokens (both fungible and non-fungible), and transactions, across multiple blockchains.